What Makes Us Unique


We’ll spare you the HR buzzwords, or at least make our best attempt. We’re an executive recruiting firm specializing in placing full-time, permanent employees in the tech and medical space across all disciplines.

Want to know what makes us unique? 2 things: A dedicated research team that can typically double the output of a recruiter, and the flexibility to customize our services and allow you to choose only what you need.

The Team

The team atmosphere at GrassBridge is essential to our excellent performance standards. By working together, we can work smarter and more efficiently. Our team is built around the principle that intelligent people are the best investment a company can make in its future. For this reason, our team members hail from diverse academic backgrounds, work experience, and intellectual disciplines.

David Wolbarst


David has been recruiting and managing recruiting talent for over 15 years, spanning disciplines from Marketing and Sales to Product and Engineering. He takes an overwhelming pride in helping companies large and small not just add talent, but do so in a way that aligns with the company's long term objectives and growth strategy. David is always tinkering and never satisfied, whether it’s finding that ideal candidate, roasting the perfect chicken, or selecting the most dominant fantasy basketball team.

Abby Box

Recruiting Coordinator & Operations Admin

Abby is part of GrassBridge’s growing Recruiting Coordination team. After graduating from The University of Alabama, she moved to Las Vegas and started her career in Catering & Sales in 2014. Abby is new to the world of recruiting; however, after five years in hospitality, she uses her sales and customer service experience to help out colleagues and potential candidates. Outside of her professional career, Abby enjoys traveling, cooking for family and friends, concerts, and being outdoors.

Bobby Cordell

Executive Recruiter

Bobby began his career as a production artist/graphic designer for a small advertising studio. Now he has spent 3 years recruiting after 5 years of college career coaching. Bobby has developed specializations in Creative, Marketing, Product and Sales Recruiting. He has blown away quotas in both contingent and staffing models. During his time at Robert Half, he was tapped to provide nationwide training to all RH disciplines due to a proven mastery of sourcing techniques. In his spare time, Bobby can be found competing in national strategy board game tournaments, drawing comic strips, and staying up to date on best practices and trends in hiring.

Chelsea Davenport

Executive Recruiter

Chelsea has been recruiting since 2012. Prior to joining GrassBridge, she launched her career as a wide-eyed college grad in Madison, WI recruiting for an IT staffing company, specializing in ERP, BI, and CRM talent. She then joined a startup division of Robert Half to eventually lead a team of recruiters in Denver, CO and later in Las Vegas, NV. Currently, as an Executive Recruiter, she leverages her tech background to identify and deliver top talent for our customers in the hi-tech industry. She enjoys traveling, crocheting, running, and keeping up with her 8 brothers and sisters.

Treston Mendonsa

Executive Recruiter

Treston started his HR Career in 2016. His specialty is being able to immerse himself into any industry and learn the ins and out of what makes a perfect candidate for a company’s culture and needs. He is comfortable working any role you throw at him, from Entry Level to C-suite, but has expertise in Engineering, Sales and the medical field. Outside of recruiting, Treston enjoys reading leadership books, listening to interesting speeches/lectures, and learning about the newest tech companies entering the industry!

Ashleigh Selbach

Director of Operations & Coordination Services

Ashleigh leads our growing Coordination team after providing scheduling and ATS hygiene services to our clients on her own for over 3 years. She has more than 10 years of experience in Operations, including leading teams of up to 170. Ashleigh began her career in the hospitality industry and transitioned to the recruiting world after earning her MBA. In her spare time, Ashleigh enjoys Crossfit, yoga, and trying new craft beers.

Amaya Worthem

Client Success Manager

Amaya comes to GrassBridge Recruiting with an MA in Journalism & Media Studies from UNLV and a BA in Journalism and Mass Communication from NMSU. With her extensive writing and research background, Amaya oversees the budding Research & Reach Out recruiting function at GrassBridge. She is skilled in full-cycle recruiting, client & account management, email marketing, and candidate outreach. Amaya has fulfilled hiring needs for Sales, Sales Enablement, Marketing, Product Marketing, Legal, and G&A teams in the US as well as APAC and EMEA.

Amaya is always open to connecting with new hiring teams that are eager to hit the market and assess the candidate pool. Feel free to reach out to Amaya at amaya@grassbridge.com to uncover how she can find and connect you with the qualified talent you desire.

We are an executive recruiting firm that provides customizable solutions for your hiring needs.