Working in Harmony: Bridging the Divide between Internal Recruiters & Agencies

I’m sure it’s happened to most recruiters at least once or twice. There you are, walking in or virtually joining your weekly check-in with your hiring manager, but this week you are not so subtly devoid of new candidates to review for your opening. 

As you explain the market impacts to recruiting and the calls you have scheduled the following week, you can sense that your manager doesn’t want excuses but results! And by results, they mean qualified candidates. The next thing you know, your hiring manager has signed a contingent/contract agreement with an external agency that has a “robust pipeline ready to go.”

Now, the relationship between internal recruiters and agencies can be…let’s say strained at times. As the internal recruiter, you may feel backed into a corner, as this “stranger” not only woos your hiring manager but subsequently fills and takes your openings. And as the external agency, you’re hunting for business, building relationships with new clients, and, if you’re smart, befriending the internals whether they like it or not. 

Our firm works and provides a variety of services, from hourly models to contingent recruiting, to our unique Research & Reach Out. Yet, one thing always rings true for the partnerships we foster…we always take the time to not only understand the hiring pains new clients are experiencing, but also get to know the hiring managers and internal recruiters on an individual and personal level. 

Our clients and their teams are our allies, and we count on them to advocate for us. And to this day, we are happy to say that internal recruiters and hiring managers are still advocating for us. 

Why, you ask?

Research & Reach Out, our cost-effective service that supercharges your recruiters. Costing only 5% of a candidate’s base salary, Research & Reach Out partners your internal recruiter with a skilled full time recruiter from GrassBridge that will heavily pipeline and produce interested passive candidates for your open roles. FIRST, we source qualified & passive candidates for your openings, giving you purview into our first profiles to be sure we’re hitting the mark. SECOND, our team handles the creative messaging & candidate outreach to find qualified candidates who want to learn more. And THIRD, we connect the internal recruiter directly with the interested candidate to avoid candidates interviewing with multiple recruiting parties. 

And now that your recruiter has a flowing pipeline of candidates, they can take on more than the typical 6-8 concurrent openings, and handle anywhere from 10-12 with the help of our team. 

If I’ve at all described your current or even past recruiting experiences, I’d love to hear from you. Would you be interested in taking advantage of our service? Try us out. Allow us to advocate for your team in reaching out to qualified candidates and cut your time to fill in half. For more information reach out to Amaya Worthem (EM: (PH:415-275-0889).

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We have recently been notified of a phishing scam where someone poses as a GrassBridge recruiter in an effort to access candidates’ personal and financial information. Please note that any communication from the GrassBridge team regarding a job opportunity will only be made by a GrassBridge employee with an email address. We would never ask you as part of our interview process to provide personal or financial information, including but not limited to your social security number, online account passwords, credit card numbers, passport information and other related banking information. If you believe you’ve been a victim of a phishing attack, please mark the communication as “spam” and alert us right away at
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