Why Coordination?

Why Coordination?

At the end of 2019, which now feels like a lifetime ago, the braintrust that leads GrassBridge Recruiting decided to build out a division dedicated to the administrative side of recruiting… scheduling interviews, booking candidate travel (ah, remember travel?), keeping the ATS neat and tidy, reporting on data in said ATS, and anything else TA teams need help with.

But why tho? A few reasons.  

  1. Not all recruiters excel at the organization and attention to detail that interview scheduling requires. And honestly, that’s probably not why you hired them. Recruiters are best on the phone building relationships with candidates, educating them on your company/product/service, and placating internal stakeholders.
  2. For most companies, it is difficult to find a good coordinator who is organized, can communicate effectively, and is customer service focused. If you do find this unicorn of a person, they often move on to another role after a year or so.
  3. This coordinator also has a varying workload based on hiring fluctuations, so they are often assigned other duties to make their full-time status more cost effective but can sometimes move the candidate experience to the back burner.
  4. In the world of recruiting firms, most are not offering this type of service.

Someone needs to handle the logistics of moving a candidate through the hiring process. If that process is delayed, lengthy, or overall not a great experience for the candidate, your business could lose out on a great hire. That is HUGE because hiring A-players is what keeps companies thriving.

So, after a few years of providing coordination services to clients as requested, we decided to launch a new division of GrassBridge focused on Recruiting Coordination and ATS Implementation & Management.

How Can We Help?

Having a tough time finding or keeping stellar coordinators? Is your team hindered by other tasks or duties that pull them away from providing an unmatched candidate experience? Unlike internal HR or TA teams, who often wear many different hats, we are solely focused on the recruiting and hiring process. This ensures efficiency and attention to detail that prevents candidates from falling through the cracks. And because we are available on an hourly basis (10 hours/week per recruiter supported) you can adjust the cost of coordination services as your hiring needs change.  

No time or resources to train someone on how to use your ATS? Our team has worked with five of the most commonly used Applicant Tracking Systems (Lever, Greenhouse, Jobvite, iCIMS, Workday) and can hit the ground running. We can assist with scheduling phone and Zoom interviews, as well as in-person interviews when that is a possibility again. But more importantly, we can be the conduit that keeps the hiring process moving, ensuring candidates don’t get lost in the shuffle, and keeping the candidate, recruiter and hiring manager up to date. We pride ourselves on being proactive, incredibly responsive and a virtual warm smile and friendly face for each candidate. Learn more about our services here.

Let’s Talk

Launching a new service in the midst of a global pandemic is definitely less than ideal, but we are adapting and doing our best to provide value to our clients. So, we are currently offering coordination services at no additional cost for the first 4 weeks of any new recruiting partnership.

Tired of scheduling and rescheduling Zoom calls? Reach out to me at 415-275-0889 or ashleigh@grassbridge.com and let’s chat about how my team and I can help.

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