What’s It Like Being a Recruiting Coordinator?

Think you know what a recruiting coordinator does?  Think it’s pretty easy to schedule a few interviews?  Here’s a taste of an average day in the life of a recruiting coordinator.  You be the judge.

7am – Receive an email from a candidate that they are sick and can’t make their phone interview at 9am today.  Delay workout to get the call rescheduled.

8:15am – Interviewer declines the new invite.  No explanation.

8:20am – Email the interviewer to ask when would be a better time to schedule this interview.

9am – Receive an email from a recruiter to schedule panel interviews for 3 candidates, 1 of which is out of state.  

9:30am – Navigate schedules of 2 VPs with the help of their EAs to find 2 days over the next 2 weeks that everyone is available.  Email the candidates with the 2 available dates to find out their availability.  One candidate replies immediately that he can be available either day if given a few days’ notice.  Score.  Gotta love when candidates are easy.

10am – Phone Interviewer responds that they are traveling the rest of the week, but can talk next Monday.  And that their calendar is now updated with the OOO dates.  Email candidate to get availability next week since that was not previously discussed.

10:50am – Receive an email from the out of state candidate with her preferred date and details needed to book travel (That template for requesting availability for travel comes in handy).  Work out a tentative interview schedule and send to the interviewers, then start researching flights.  2 of the 4 interviewers accept within minutes.  Thanks, y’all. 🙂

11:10am – Candidate for phone interview responds with availability for next week, which thankfully aligns with the interviewer’s schedule.  Send invites and keep fingers crossed both parties accept.

11:30am – Onsite interviewer #3 of 4 writes to ask for an earlier time slot on the interview.  Looks like the interviewer who is first up is your best bet, but he has a short overlap with another meeting that day.  He is not active in Slack at the moment.  Check his calendar; he is in meetings for the next 90 minutes.  Send an email asking if he can switch time slots and make a mental note to ping him in Slack if needed.

I could go on, but you get the picture… coordination is multitasking to the nth degree.  Juggling same day changes to interviews, perfectly aligning schedules to make interviews work, and ensuring the candidate is comfortable with their travel schedule, all while keeping the ATS up to date and working on other projects requires a lot of attention to detail.  It can be chaos at times.  But when all your planning and emailing results in a smooth hiring process and an exceptional candidate experience, it is all worth it.

So that’s a small peek into the day of our Coordination team.  Yes, we schedule interviews, but we can do much more than that.  Want to learn more about how we can help you improve your candidate experience?

Contact Ashleigh at ashleigh@grassbridge.com or 415-275-0889.

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