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Working in Harmony: Bridging the Divide between Internal Recruiters & Agencies

I’m sure it’s happened to most recruiters at least once or twice. There you are, walking in or virtually joining your weekly check-in with your hiring manager, but this week you are not so subtly devoid of new candidates to review for your opening.  As you explain the market impacts to recruiting and the calls […]

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What’s It Like Being a Recruiting Coordinator?

Think you know what a recruiting coordinator does?  Think it’s pretty easy to schedule a few interviews?  Here’s a taste of an average day in the life of a recruiting coordinator.  You be the judge. 7am – Receive an email from a candidate that they are sick and can’t make their phone interview at 9am […]

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We’re all entrepreneurs now.

As I’m sure many of the business owners on this site can attest, the rewards can be great… autonomy, no predetermined income, you can set your own schedule… but it also comes with its fair share of drawbacks… autonomy, no predetermined income, you can set your own schedule. For me the pluses have always outweighed […]

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Do’s and Don’ts of working from home

I’m sure all of you have worked from home at some point. For many this is normal, but for most WFH was a once or twice a week thing and probably not surrounded by the rest of your family 24/7. I’ve compiled a list of some Do’s and Don’ts that for me have helped make […]

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Why Coordination?

Why Coordination? At the end of 2019, which now feels like a lifetime ago, the braintrust that leads GrassBridge Recruiting decided to build out a division dedicated to the administrative side of recruiting… scheduling interviews, booking candidate travel (ah, remember travel?), keeping the ATS neat and tidy, reporting on data in said ATS, and anything […]

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